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Kazaizen, the Purpose-Driven Musician Singing About What Matters Most

The value of music is not limited to its power to entertain and serve as a soundtrack to life’s most trivial and most important moments. This year alone proved that songs could be wielded to comfort, educate, and empower. Additionally, artists have long utilized beats and lyrics to send across messages that matter, and Jonathan Kasai, better known as kazaizen, is one such musician who creatively and strategically harnesses music’s ability to make a difference. 

Kazaizen is the psychedelic pop-rock product of the imagination, vision, and talent of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Kasai. Through his distinctive approach to music, he bridges the gap between the 60’s psychedelia and the contemporary styles of today. At the heart of his artistry is the refusal to be boxed into one genre. He makes it a point to challenge and address the conventions that are at the forefront of the industry, questioning where genres begin and end.

Throughout his career, kazaizen has earned recognition for the different faces that his creative outputs have taken. While he does have tracks that feel surreal and melancholy and feature reverberating electric pianos and organs, he also boasts ethereal and dazed songs with full synths.

Fueled by his love for music, art, and creating and driven to influence individuals and communities positively, kazaizen considers his songs as a way to present an original and unique interpretation of current events and issues. This emphasis on relevant and impactful happenings lies as one reason behind his steady climb to the top. Included in his inventory of notable releases is the first single off of the upcoming debut album, “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch.” Its controversial music video, entitled “Oranjtanman,” acted as a direct call-out to the hypocrisy prevalent in the nation and was dropped shortly before the US Presidential election. 

At the time of the premiere of the attention-grabbing music video, next to nothing was known about kazaizen. But his artistic piece spoke for his artistry and showcased his potential as a potential force in the music scene. The release of “Oranjtanman” was then followed by the music video for the single “What The Funk,” which referenced the ongoing pandemic and propelled this rising star to the forefront even further. 

Last December 13, kazaizen introduced the video accompaniment to the song “Telephone (All Alone,” a track that explores people’s obsession with their mobile phones. His recent work, “Bye the Sea,” introduced to listeners worldwide on December 27, touches on the COVID-19 imposed quarantine continuing all over the globe. 

These four songs are set to grace this emerging powerhouse’s debut album, and the release of the said collection is in line with a music endeavor that will hit the music industry in 2021. As part of a group of multifaceted musicians who are all releasing solo albums and collaborations in 2021 and the succeeding years, kazaizen will bank on the craft to start an artistic revolution and make a difference in the lives of people and in the world.

Learn more about kazaizen by visiting his Youtube channel

Jlynn Shares How She Overcame Her Struggles Through the Power of Music

Success favors those who sail through the stormy seas with unparalleled grit and determination. Often, people are unaware that the true essence of achieving success is being able to go through all the challenges, no matter how difficult they may get. As proven by Jlynn, an exceptional singer and songwriter, greatness begins to follow those who go over and beyond to make their dreams happen amidst the countless difficulties and challenges. And as someone who has undergone innumerable struggles in the past, Jlynn has been using her platform to become a beacon of hope for others through music.

Without a doubt, the world is brimming with brilliant, talented, and highly-skilled individuals. However, only those who are bent on moving forward are the same people destined for greatness in such a dog-eat-dog environment. Having experienced love and loss at an early age, Jlynn used music to cope and face the struggles that life has given her in the past. And instead of allowing these tribulations to overpower her, she continues to climb the summits of success packed with unmatched strength and resilience through melodic tunes and meaningful beats.

Highly recognized for her exceptional talents and innovative flair, Jlynn always had a knack for singing and making music. Since she was a child, Jlynn would often sing in front of strangers as she takes them into a compelling and magical trance. But when she was separated from her mother and placed in a foster home, things became difficult for Jlynn. 

Growing up, Jlynn went through a lot of challenges and adjustments. From transferring to various foster homes to becoming homeless at 14, she was filled with countless tribulations that only a few could ever dare to handle. After being kicked out to the streets, she turned to drug street life and used drugs to cope with the pain, until she found comfort in music to cope with and heal from the pain.

While some children and teenagers give up at first sight of defeat, Jlynn was built with exceptional and unrivaled strength. And as a result of her admirable disposition, Jlynn slowly discovered the true essence of life, love, and healing through music. Seeing how music changed her life and encouraged her to move forward, this resilient and robust singer strived to make music a platform for everyone experiencing countless struggles and defeats.

Ever since she expressed her desire to chase her dreams to become the voice of the unheard, Jlynn has been taking the music and entertainment industry by storm. With her impeccable talents and skills, it comes as no surprise how this rising star has captured the hearts of many listeners around the world. As a matter of fact, Jlynn has performed in over 30 shows with several highly-known artists in the industry, such as Crooked I, Paul Wall, Kirko Bangz, Lyfe Jennings, and opened up for various events across different states. 

In the coming years, Jlynn wants to grow as an artist and tell more people her tales of trials and triumphs. Through her songs, she hopes to expand her reach and inspire others in chasing their dreams, albeit with the countless challenges that may arise along the way.

To know more about this sought-after artist, you may check Jlynn by visiting her website.

Brien Allen Is Set to Release New Songs and Albums with His Bands

Most music artists would be fortunate to find a band that they can work with easily throughout their music career, but thriving artist Brien Allen is luckier than most as he thrives in working with three prolific bands. The coming year is fast becoming an exciting year for the 29-year-old lead guitarist and vocalist as he and his bands are set to release their songs and albums in 2021.

Brien Allen is nothing but excited to enter 2021 as the wheels are in motion for the release of his latest projects with his bands. At present, the petroleum engineering graduate from University of Texas in Austin is working with a Latin/pop rock group called Al Cielo. Other members of this band are spread across several parts of the country. The group was formed under the guidance and mentorship of Charlie Walk through the program known as Music Mastery. The band will be releasing new songs next year, a combination of Latin, rock, electronic, and pop. 

With Bridges Ablaze, Brien Allen does vocals and lead guitar alongside his friend, resulting in a symphony of talents unlike most. The band is also under the supervision of Charlie Walk. Additionally, Brien plays for Altermind, a progressive metal band from Austin that is set to release an album next year with a single featuring vocalist Lauren Babic. 

Amid the pandemic, Brien has remained productive and played lead guitar for two projects that will release music in 2021 as well – Perpetual Horizon and Arborenna. Looking at the line-up of projects ahead of him, Brien Allen cannot help but feel ultimately grateful for the opportunity to flourish in the industry despite its many challenges. Despite that fact that he once upon a time wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father who was a geophysicist, he has no regrets that he chose music over his love for science. While he is confident he could have become a good engineer, he still knows that nothing compares to the fulfilment he feels when he is playing music. 

“Every mistake I made was just more fuel to the fire, and come 2021, all of these releases will be out on the internet, backed by teams and promotion unlike anything I’ve ever done before in my life. I’m incredibly grateful to even be alive, and to be here today doing what I love. The journey has been very tough, but embedded within the suffering was the wisdom needed to transcend it,” Brien Allen shares. 

Despite his achievements accumulated since 2014 when he first joined the music industry, Brien still knows there is so much left to aspire for. This includes going on a world tour and releasing more albums in the coming years. Focusing on these aspirations motivates him to dream bigger, work harder, and wait patiently for the right timing. In doing these, Brien Allen can continue to make good music, the kind that inspires change, hope, and kindness. 

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Tribute Artist Jobel Star Keeps the King of Pop’s Name Alive Through His Exceptional Performances

At some point in our lives, we have kept many inspirational figures in our arsenal who vehemently motivate us to chase our dreams and keep the faith. And more often than not, these seemingly ordinary individuals have left so much impact in our lives that we strive to live a life according to their vision, principles, and beliefs. And as someone who consistently admires a musical legend, Joseph Bell, otherwise known as Jobel Star, sheds light on how the exceptionally brilliant singer and performer, Michael Jackson, inspired him in reaching the top of the music industry.

Although the music and entertainment space speak volumes of brilliance and countless versatile talents, only those who are passionate enough are the ones who are set to take the industry by storm. True enough, the industry is known to foster a cutthroat environment. And while many aspiring singers give up at first sight of defeat, Jobel Star takes it upon himself to overcome these unrelenting challenges and uses them as his sources of motivation.

Highly recognized for his talents and strong resemblance to the legendary superstar, Jobel Star always had a knack for singing, dancing, and performing some of Michael Jackson’s songs. Ever since he began finding his niche in the music and entertainment space, Jobel has countlessly rung the hearts of many with his tantalizing performances and compelling presence on stage. As a matter of fact, when he performed at a theater in Sunset Boulevard, the crowd went wild, albeit his unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. This impeccable stage performance then led to a myriad of concerts and appearances, leaving the audience wanting more.

Being an artist dedicated to celebrating Michael Jackson’s extraordinary milestones during his lifetime, Jobel Star explains that he is not limited in the confines of a pre-recorded memorex artist. According to Jobel, a legend like Michael Jackson deserves a performance that measures up to the superstar’s brilliance. Thus, Jobel not only sings live as a tribute artist but also plays the piano and dances to the beats of MJ.

Many people thought that bringing Michael Jackson’s impeccable performances back to life seems to border on the impossible. However, Jobel Star wanted to keep his well-celebrated spirit alive throughout the years. So, due to his tenacity and determination, people who have not heard of the king of pop timelessly rejoice and dance to his well-loved beats and meaningful songs up to this date.

With his extraordinary skills and talents, topped with an incomparable passion for Michael Jackson and his legacy, it is a no-brainer how this sought-after tribute artist will eventually expand his reach on the global scale while countlessly topping the charts. 

Although it is not easy living up to someone’s name, Jobel Star explained that he is not out to replace MJ as the king of pop. If anything, this singer/songwriter and performer only wishes to keep MJ’s name and fame alive throughout the years of his death, hoping to gain more followers of his timeless music. 

To know more about Jobel Star, you may visit his website.

Rising Artist JoshDeanSavage Describes Rising Through Adversities to Build a Career in Music

Without a doubt, everyone goes through an internal struggle. Some people are torn between decisions for their future, and others are continually struggling with their past. They often cope with different means, whether seeking therapy, investing in themselves, or finding a creative outlet. Joshua West is among those who follow the latter, writing his struggles on a paper before taking it to the stage as JoshDeanSavage. 

JoshDeanSavage is a rising artist based in Denver, Colorado. He has been writing music for over four years after taking heavy inspiration from artists like Drake, 21 Savage, Post Malone, Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi Vert, Snow Tha Product, Trippie Redd, XXXTentacion, and more. In 2018, Josh attended a concert featuring Juice Wrld, which changed his entire perspective towards music. He would meet and befriend HefeBossup backstage after the show, who would take Josh under his wing. Inspired, Josh told his sisters who flew across the country to share his inspiration and urge him to pursue music.

However, things went awry for him, and life questioned his stability. Overwhelmed with his situation, Josh gave in and moved to Utah for nursing school. There he was able to connect with Dre Taylor, who also made music. Through Dre, Josh met Mac Lee, another aspiring musician who goes by the stage name MacLeeMadelt. Together they collaborated on a song titled 4Score.

JoshDeanSavage usually records at a studio called Side3Studios, which has welcomed several big names in the music industry and is where B.O.B. recorded the hit Airplanes. His songs Veto, Make You Famous, and Stayed One, were engineered by Ryan Alan, whose stage name is KingRyTheFirst, and managed to get Josh a total stream of 14k. KingRyTheFirst had collaborated with Post Malone and other big-name artists, boosting Josh’s confidence in his music career pursuit.

The rising artist is often open about his struggles in his songs, making it easier for others like him to connect with his music. Josh came from a small town in Colorado and lived in an unstable home. His family’s unpredictability would see him traveling the country at the age of 13, taking him to places like California, New York, and everywhere in-between. Although he lived in a crazy home, JoshDeanSavage worked to change his life for the better. So far, he has been doing good, but Josh is still afraid of reverting to the old version of himself. He is always finding things to keep his brain occupied, and music has been his saving grace.

It was music that saved him, and being able to relate to artists gave Josh the motivation for change. Family, friends, and strangers always told him that he could make it in music. It was difficult as Josh faced several trials and doubts, but he could make it because others believed in him. 

JoshDeanSavage is still building up his name and creating music under the guidance of HefeBossup. Undoubtedly, it won’t take long before he can establish his name in Los Angeles.

To get more updates on JoshDeanSavage, you may follow him on Instagram.

DoomDaWiz to Release His Second Album in January 2021

Doomer Henry, known as DoomDaWiz, is a Boom Bap Beat Master of Cabo Verdean descent, born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He is set to release his new album, The Funky Dope Producer, on January 7, 2021. “I created this album to give listeners a feel of hip-hop that the boom bap nation has been missing,” Doom shares.

The Funky Dope Producer is a well-rounded album featuring collaborations with various artists, including Cuban Pete, JaRajeem, Raw Deff, DJ E Rex, The Good People, LS Camp, Mayhem, Mike Malik, The Bad Seed, and Mikey D, the CEO of Pass the Torch. This album will be released under Pass the Torch Distribution and Whomag Media.

This album was produced in its entirety by DoomDaWiz himself. “I am really proud of this project,” he says. Aside from being the producer, Doom also used his skills as an emcee and videographer. This album showcases his skills on the mic, and he directed, filmed, and edited all the videos for this album. “I went all out for this one,” Doom shares.

With so many collaborators, each song on this album features a unique style. DoomDaWiz says, “This latest project has 17 tracks, so there will be something for everyone. Each artist I worked with here has their unique flow, making for a fun and fresh album. This album is based on what hip-hop originally stood for, which was fun, beats, rhymes, and skills.”

The Funky Dope Producer is Doom’s second album. In 2016, he released his beat tape Shogun, followed closely by a second one entitled Let’s Make Hip Hop Great Again. In the summer of 2018, DoomDaWiz released his debut album The Ugly Truth, which is a timeless album flooded with his network of legends and underground emcees. Doom provided the beats for this first album while the artists fortified each track with their rhymes. 

“DoomDaWiz has worked in the music industry for quite some time. He likes to say that music is in his DNA. He holds a degree with concentrations in film, audio engineering, and multimedia. This beat master and established videographer has shot videos for hip-hop greats such as Grand Daddy I.U., Playboy Mikey D, John Jiggs$, hip-hop duo The Good People, El Da Sensei, and Sadat X” (TerminKNOWLEDGEE).

When asked about his musical influences, DoomDaWiz talks about DJ Premier, Kenny Parker, Large Pro, Lord Finesse, Daddy I.U., and J Dilla. He works to elevate his creativity and boldness through living by the Cabo Verde proverb, “Who does not take the risk, do not taste life.” Doom shares, “I feel like resilience is one of my strongest traits. Working in the music industry is tough, it takes a lot of guts. One thing I learned is to be unafraid to push creative boundaries.”

Working with Pass the Torch Distribution for this album has allowed DoomDaWiz to expand his horizons. “I love working with them. Their platform does so much to bring together different people and artists, which makes sharing techniques and experience easier for old-school artists and newcomers,” says Doom. Pass the Torch was created by Michael Deering, aka Mikey D. The platform aims to provide a space for artists to talk about their differences and educate each other instead of perpetuating issues and negativity. Pass the Torch CEO Mikey D says, “I believe there is a learning experience in arguments, as long as they are peaceful. On my platform, I make sure both sides get equal time on the mic.”

DoomDaWiz will release his second album, The Funky Dope Producer, in January 2021. For more information, you may visit this website.

House Provides Fun and Forward-thinking Hip Hop Music

In a time where a large population of musicians chases after clout and vanity metrics at the expense of quality music, hip hop artist Steven J. Gray, aka House, looks to stand above the crowd by delivering work that rises above “a sea full of clones.” With his music company and record publishing label 123 Big House Music, the musician and performer is ready to awe rap circles and followers everywhere with what he has to offer. 

House’s vision for his music is to become a brand of fun and forward-thinking hip hop. He sets his sights on following in the footsteps of other West Coast music scene contemporaries such as YG, P-Lo, and E-40. But even as he takes inspiration from others, the rapper has built a new sound that ultimately belongs to him. Consequently, the House is set to climb up the music ladder. The music world has begun to notice as established radio station Hot 94.7’s D.J. Grid has acknowledged the artist.

The Inland Empire-born rapper grew up looking up to other state-native artists like Nipsey Hussle, E-40, Dj Quik, and Iamsu. House has his eyes set on music greatness and matches his ambition with an unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism. Steven Gray has an uncanny ability to craft stories that captivate, gleaning from past experiences. He tells of all his tales in highs and lows and creatively highlights his endeavors. The rapper’s music hits the heart and pulls on emotions like a puppet on a string, bringing listeners through a rollercoaster ride that has them feeling things like never before. 

In August of 2020, House co-launched a collaborative album with artist C-Nova entitled “C-Nova’s House,” which featured a slew of electrifying tracks, including songs like “In My Fantasy,” “Bestfriend,” “Anniversary,” “Calendar Girl,” “Sex You In Your Nightmare,” “Do What You Want,” “Blow Your Back Out,” and “Mixed Emotions.” 

Most recently, House has also joined the ranks of music group Rap Affiliated Posse, founded by Eddie Medina, or otherwise known by his stage name Big Profit. The rapper from Los Angeles started the group back in 2009. It released a multitude of high-level hip hop songs that generated a considerable amount of buzz, including tracks found in their mixtape entitled “This Is R.A.P. Hosted By Crooked I.” Rap Affiliated Posse works with sound engineering genius Tone Gettem of Dam Criminal Productions, causing their songs to “blow up fast.” House gets on a momentum of dropping new exclusive projects with the collaborative group every year by joining the group.

When asked about his motivations to drive to succeed in music, every aspect of his ambition bends towards others’ benefit. “The true goal is to open my own restaurant and franchise across the U.S. and feed God’s people, House. “I want to start food trucks tasked with patrolling the cities and nearby neighborhoods as we eradicate hunger and starvation.” House knows what it’s like to go hungry on the streets, battling hunger and homelessness for a season of his life. Today, he hopes to help those who struggle with what he went through. 

By creating a name for himself in the music industry, the Southern California rapper believes he pursues a spiritual calling and puts all his heart and mind into fulfilling that purpose. To learn more about House and 123 Big House Music, visit his website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Youtube music account, and Instagram account.

CMILL444 Proves to be the Next Big Thing in the Music Industry with the Launching of His Debut Album

CMILL444, a rising 18-year-old rapper and vocalist from Detroit, Michigan, is fast becoming the rock star that he is destined to be. Armed with a deep passion for music that was fuelled when he was only 14 years old, the promising artist launched his debut album titled High Off Life last October 2020, surprising both music fans and executives with his uncommon yet very likable style in music. 

High Off Life showcases a total of 17 songs, each very distinct from each other and oozing with positivity, good vibes, and fun. His songs also reveal a plethora of raw emotions, which the artist reveals was his way of overcoming depression as he attempts to achieve balanced mental health. It is for this reason that he chose a theme that highlights choosing to be happy despite the challenges the world offers each day. Inspired by the musical stylings of Swae Lee, Juice Wrld, Blink-182, Nirvana, Paramore, and GreenDay, CMILL444 is a unique cross between alternative rock, the extremely fast wordplay of rap and hip-hop and the danceable melodies of R&B. 

“When people listen to my music, I want them to get the feeling of freedom. You can be yourself, you can be happy, you can do whatever you want and be whatever you want in this life. 444EVER is a lifestyle, staying positive ’til the end of time,” the artist explains. 

Working with music producers RaySouth, Prod. June, and Klimlords has brought out the best in CMILL444. One of his greatest dreams as an artist is to influence music fans to be deeply involved in his music as he is, and he successfully achieved this when a continuously growing number of followers gravitated toward his art form, as seen on social media and various streaming platforms. 

CMILL444 started out independently with his music until he was discovered by Thomasmbeats on Instagram, who eventually became his manager. Thomasmbeats, who is also a music artist, has been guiding the young artist on how to navigate the music industry without losing his authenticity and raw passion for music. He has also been responsible for connecting the rising artist with other rappers and musicians in the business. 

One of CMILL444’s most notable abilities is his unique way to incorporate ’90s classic vibes to the current hip-hop trend, attracting both the younger generation of today and even those who are way older than them. For him, this is a clear gauge of how he is maturing in the industry—being able to stay genuine and still cater to what people really want to hear. 

“Music changed my life, and I want others to experience the same feeling. I love the youth because they are always on what’s next. Also, they are the quickest to pick up on my wordplay and lingo. The older generation is hard to impress, which is why I add a taste of the original sound they love mixed with a totally new sound in hip-hop,” CMILL444 reveals. 

Before deciding to pursue his music career seriously, CMILL444 was a thriving model and actor under John Casablancas. Interestingly, he won several first-place awards at the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) in New York. In the end, however, it was music that truly captured his heart. Once he identified the kind of personal brand and the musical message he wanted to introduce to the world, he dove right into the game without once looking back at his life before the music industry with any hint of regret. 

Even at his young age, CMILL444 can already see himself establishing his own music label in the next few years and sign new artists who are trying to find their way in the industry. He also sees himself breaking records on the Billboard charts, collaborating with big names in the music industry, and doing world tours to showcase his music. Determined to live his best life and create the best version of himself, he aspires to be a positive influence among young people and show them that anything is possible when they put their heart and soul to make it happen. 

Learn more about CMILL444 by visiting his website. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

Emerging Artist ZeNilism Enters the Industry with Guts, Passion, and Individuality

Jeffrey Smulligan, better known as ZeNilism, is dominating the Pennsylvania hip-hop landscape with his undeniable talent and guts to earn his place alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry today. The artist is determined to leave a mark and captivate listeners across the country with his unique take on music.

ZeNilism has been exploring the industry for over a year. He has collaborated with legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Planet Asia, Kxng Crooked, Rass Kass, and many other stars. The artist has continually proven that he has what it takes to stand alongside the brightest musicians today with his distinct sound and quick-witted lyricism. 

Furthermore, ZeNilism does not hesitate to venture beyond what has already been established. He braved the criticisms of listeners and artists as he created his own genre that merges R&B and metal into one profound, artistic creation. The artist refers to his self-created genre as metal R&B and has been producing songs under the category ever since. 

Additionally, the artist also strives to go back to his hip-hop roots, taking inspiration from Eminem, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg. Amid all his desire to combine styles and make them his own, ZeNilism has created what has never been done before in the music scene. He has produced captivating tracks and gained the attention of listeners across the globe. “Devoid,” “Yo Yo Here We Go,” “Contest of Snoopery,” and “Clanking Chains On My Fist” are some of his greatest hits, garnering thousands of streams on all major music platforms. 

Unlike many artists in the game, ZeNilism prides himself on writing songs every day and barely having mental blocks. Lyrics flow out of his artistic minds as naturally as breathing, and for that, he has caught audiences to listen to what he has to say. The artist works from his futuristic home studio and enjoys the creative freedom as well as the coziness of the ambiance. 

Besides incredible wordplay, ZeNilism portrays unparalleled vocal quality in his tracks. His voice, as if marking its place in the industry, displays authority and passion simultaneously. While today’s generation of listeners may influence his sound, the artist stays true to being the old-school lyricist that he is. He leverages his talent in poetry to create messages that touch people deeply. 

Beyond artistic pursuits, ZeNilism aims to inspire people who are suffering from depression. The artist himself has been through rock bottom and dark places. Now having tremendous support from music lovers and fellow artists, he can push himself beyond his limits. Also, the artist pictures his brand to play a crucial role in raising money for suicide awareness. “My sister committed suicide. I guess it’s my way of making it up to her,” said the artist. 

ZeNilism seeks to be a comforting friend for his listeners, an artist who would bring meaning and take their minds off their pain, even just for a little while. Without a doubt, with his sincerity and passion, the artist will become one of the strongest proponents the music industry is yet to witness. Learn more about the upcoming rapper by listening to his songs on Spotify.

Robin Anntoinette McFadden and Daughter to Launch Their Album on Streaming Platforms in December

It is going to be a very Merry Christmas celebration for Robin Anntoinette and her soon to be seven-year-old daughter Davia Mone’t as they launch their album Iridescent this December on various online platforms. The album will be available on major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music, among others. The dynamic and lovable mother-and-daughter tandem is beyond excited to share their special music together with the rest of the world. Iridescent is just one of the many projects and collaborations that Robin and Davia enjoy doing together. 

Aside from their undeniable passion for music, the two are also very gifted designers, as seen in their creations available at Rustic Blossom, an online clothing and beauty line that is an extension of their main company, In His Arms Productions. Rustic Blossom features trendy and sophisticated women’s apparel, and their latest addition, the soy sauce collection, is an uncommonly adorable choice for a windbreaker and hoodie. The soy sauce collection also features a hoodie for kids. Aside from apparel for men and women, Robin Anntoinette McFadden expanded Rustic Blossom to offer jewelry and accessories, including bags, backpacks, hats, fashion socks, scarves, and sunglasses. The women’s boots and makeup selection are also worth checking out. 

In His Arms Productions was established in 2012 to further showcase Robin Anntoinette McFadden’s artistic creativity. She is a gifted playwright and was able to successfully mount sold-out performances for her first-ever play titled A Second Time Around. The original play was later renamed Redemption Plan. Apart from producing her own plays, the modern-day playwright and her team also cater to concerts, conferences, parties, fashion shows, and prayer and prophetic summits for churches, to mention a few. 

After a few years, Robin Anntoinette McFadden decided to take her production company to the next level and offer additional services, including photography, music production, event planning, marketing, and PR, ghostwriting, computer tech support, artist management, and team-building sessions. Both Robin and Davia are deeply involved in running the company and are also available to do speaking engagements, acting gigs, and modeling when necessary. 

Interestingly, Robin Anntoinette McFadden is also a self-published author of the book titled Glory Trail. She finished a degree in Sociology from Rutgers University but eventually realized that she has a special ability in entrepreneurship and the arts. She is also a consistent volunteer at the Covenant House, where she mentors young people to help them process and get past being homeless and dropping out of school. Davia, on the other hand, is a lot like her hardworking mother in many ways as she exhibits the same dedication, eagerness to learn, determination, and desire to be successful. Working with Robin is one of the greatest joys of her young life as she gets to spend most of her time with her mother. Aside from being the perfect mother-and-daughter tandem, they are also best friends who never tire of one another and are equally supportive of each others’ dreams. 

As Robin Anntoinette McFadden continues to lead her companies with passion alongside her promising young daughter, there is no doubt that they will continue to be one of the many successful entrepreneurs in the country who made it by dreaming big and working hard.

Follow Robin Anntoinette McFadden on Instagram for updates on her latest projects. Visit Rustic Blossom and In His Arms Productions on their websites.