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The Social Media Agency, Clonefluence, Aims to Create Successful Music Artists

The agency is helping music artists create their own distinct identities via their marketing strategies.

Music is a powerful medium that unites people from diverse backgrounds and has a strong presence globally. The music industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries the world has ever seen, with hordes of talented artists trying to make their mark in a bid to attain the top position. However, owing to the lack of appropriate resources that can help market themselves to a wide audience base, a majority of them fail to make it to the limelight. In situations like these, they need a proper backing or a strong entity that can push and showcase the skills that can help them grow as an artist. This is where Justin Grome’s Social Media Agency, Clonefluence comes into the picture as they are well-equipped to handle the artist’s affairs, right from managing their work to publicity to marketing and everything in between that can help them gain a strong foothold in this fiercely competitive industry.

Clonefluence was established in New Jersey in 2017 and has since helped many artists establish their careers, which were on the verge of getting wiped out owing to lack of proper exposure. Speaking about his agency. Justin says, “social media is an extremely powerful tool which if used rightly can work wonders. It has the potential to reach a global audience which can help catapult an artist’s career to dizzying heights owing to wide exposure. The basic objective of Clonefluence is to help these aspiring artists establish themselves and showcase their work widely so that their career gets the right push.” Today, the agency is known to put one’s career right on track by implementing its marketing strategies which help the music artists establish a base.

Justin expresses that his agency implements perfect strategies when it comes to social media growth, Spotify growth, public relations, and any other marketing campaigns that help in getting the music artist’s career on a fast track. The impact that Clonefluence has created is evident by the fact that it is regarded as the most efficient and effective social media agency of present times, which has helped many artists establish their presence amongst a sea of talents who occupy the music space. The agency is rated as the #1 social media agency in the music industry speaks volumes about its success. Justin states, “… As a brand, we always want to continue to grow and help countless artists achieve their dreams.”

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Make way for Lefapp, making his name prominent as a one-of-a-kind rap artist in the American music scene.

The young rap star exudes pure brilliance in making beats and producing songs.

It is astounding to know and learn about all those individuals and professionals who make sure to go under the grind and spare no effort in getting ahead in their careers and endeavours in life. These individuals choose their challenges, overcome them and become their best versions in all that they choose to do in their journeys. Many such talented beings have emerged in the past few years in the music realm, especially youngsters. Among them, one name that has been making consistent noise around his musical work is a young lad named Valentin Lozano, most popularly known by his stage name Lefapp. Lefapp today is a rising rap artist and producer who has given it his all to reach where he is today in the industry.

Lefapp as a young artist from the US and the one who moved all over the country from California, Texas, Chicago, and Florida and lived in each state for two years after leaving home at 18 years, may seem like just another guy from the neighborhood, but he is definitely beyond being that. His story is of a hardworking teenager that began making music at the naïve age of 14. He says that he always has had a passion for making beats and got inspired by the Wu-Tang clan. He has been working towards making his name as a creative artist who can mix all types of styles into his music.

Lefapp saw too many struggles and challenges on his path and had to work several jobs to finance his journey in the music world. Gradually he started his career as a rapper and producer and later even began writing music. His beats and musical craft exuded his pure passion for music, which slowly but steadily helped him pave his own path to success in the ever-so-competitive industry. He has even DJed at various top events across Miami, Orlando, and Florida and has worked along with some of the top artists in the industry.

Besides music, Lefapp has been studying psychology and philosophy for over five years, which has helped him in many ways on his journey in music. Lefapp says that the Wu-Tang clan is a huge inspiration in his life. Though he grew up poor, he decided to use his smart in computers to begin making beats and creating music, which today has made him a rising name setting new expectations for underground music.

Artist CPTime Inspires People of All Ages with His Clean and Inspiring Music

Cole Parkinson, better known as CPTime, is an independent hip-hop and pop artist from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He specializes in clean, motivational, sport, Holiday, and Party hip hop and rap music. Cole has been writing music and performing for many years at many venues around the Philadelphia area, including at halftime of the Philadelphia 76ers games. He has also performed at rehab centers and community events and has three albums and many singles on all streaming platforms. 

“I am a clean hip hop artist who speaks to kids, adults, and everyone in between with a message that is always positive regarding motivation, faith, and themed type music to speak to specific groups, holidays, and events to separate myself from other “rappers.” I also coach youth football and am a team leader for young men in an organization called Alpha Christian Athletes which focuses on all sports and encourages young men to have faith in God”, says the well-rounded, independent hip hop artist.

CPTime is always looking to grow and move forward in the music business; he is eyeing the younger generation of kids looking to gain motivation and enjoy their music while working out or going to events with friends.

“I have a lot of different and fun, clean music for many different people to listen to and enjoy,” shares the brilliant rap artist. “But, I need more people to be aware of me and what I do. Particularly I would love for my fans to get to know more about my newest motivating rap single called “Rise,” which is geared towards self-motivation, faith, and positivity.

At the same time, being 30 years old, he can also speak to his age group as well as the older generation regarding his music because of the  entertaining and versatile element when it comes to different music videos and themes. “I am different. I know everyone says that, but I do not see a lot of artists having music videos and songs with Halloween, Christmas, and football-themed type videos and songs, all while being clean with no cursing. I love what I do and want more people to see and hear it!” the passionate rap and hip-hop artist adds.

CPTime first started rapping when he was in college. After creating a couple of songs, he got his own money for a home studio. He fell in love with the process of making music and making different types of music. He has loved how he has grown and finds joy in seeing his small fan base grow. He has reached a level where people sing his songs at shows and recognize them right away when they hear them. The versatile artist finds this the most rewarding and appreciates the experience. “I am motivated by growth and finding different ways to separate myself and be consistent to get more and different people to listen to what I have to say through my music,” says CPTime.

To know more about CPTime, you can visit his website.

Songwriter and Producer Kevin Parallax on What’s After the Resounding Success of His Latest Release, “Perplexing Emotions”

People listen to songs playing on the radio or stream on their go-to platforms without thinking about the work that went behind perfecting every beat, marrying the rhythms, and writing the lyrics. While there could be a passing exclamation about how good a particular riff is in that one rock single or how well-written a solo is in an instrumental ballad, people often finish listening to the entire album and miss the skilled execution that births each track. Progressive Metal Songwriter and producer Kevin Parallax is among today’s musicians who are known not only for their passion for the craft and impressive arsenal of skills but also for the time they extend toward giving listeners a glimpse of their creative process. Currently, LA-based composer and guitarist is gearing up for the release of his new EP and looks forward to proving that he has more aces up his sleeves. 

Originally hailing from Mumbai, India, Kevin Parallax showed an affinity toward music early in his life. At the age of sixteen, he started taking guitar lessons, inspired by John Petrucci, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, and many alike, to further hone the craft and perfect every skill before he ever even attempted to write a song. Given his deep-seated interest in music, it didn’t come as a surprise when he applied to and got accepted by the Musicians Institute, Hollywood. However, education abroad wasn’t part of the equation considering his financial situation. 

“Then came a letter from the school saying that I had won two scholarships,” recalled Kevin Parallax. “So I flew to the United States with nothing on my back, but hope.” That hope has brought the multi-talented personality to many places. Now, the must-watch force is expanding his discography, demonstrating in the process that he’s destined for greater heights.

Although tuning into his compositions is an experience in itself, listening to Kevin Parallax go into detail about his creative process is an entirely different story. He doesn’t only talk about his inspirations but also delves into the factors that influenced a particular musical decision.

“The choice of notes matters the most to me, later comes the part of executing it as a whole section, where much thought is then put into how it sounds and how it should be played,” he shared. “I like to strike a balance between what sounds catchy to my ears and what would make sense musically to someone who would listen to it for the first time. Then arises the question of whether it is good enough to captivate an audience; if not, I would just delete the entire section and move on to trying something else over it. It’s trial and error sometimes, and sometimes it would just flow naturally.”

Kevin Parallax’s approach over the years when it comes to writing music is expected to stand out with the upcoming release of his new EP in collaboration with Mike Semesky. “Unlike the previously released singles ‘Perplexing Emotions’ and ‘Fantasy Integration,’ this EP will feature Mike Semeskly on vocals,” announced the multifaceted personality.

The move to include vocals in his next project is a welcome development from a guitarist acclaimed for his instrumental tracks. Along with many others, this creative endeavor is set to propel Kevin Parallax into the spotlight. 

Picture Courtesy of Devam Shah

Harrison Chimzim Anokwuru – A Revolutionary Singer Who Changed the Music World

About Harrison chimzim anokwuru

Harrison chimzim anokwuru is a Nigeria based singer, who felt the need that Nigerian music should touch the reality of its people, should resonate with the socio-political and economic realities. He also propagated that music should be used as a medium to convey messages to the masses.

About his childhood

The Afrobeat exponent known as Chyzzi is an award-winning Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter. He was born on 25th July 1994 in Elekahia. His family had five members during his birth. 

Chyzzi began his primary education at PHC. He shifted to Bayelsa for lower six education but had to move to Ghana for acclimatization problems. There he completed his secondary school education at Seven Great Princess Academy. He proceeded to Wisconsin University and later to Northern Cyprus where he studied Computer Information. 

His view on the Nigerian music

The Adroit Nigerian Afrobeat singer when asked about Nigerian music said, the music industry in Nigeria has begun experimenting and creating songs that have a specific concept. The music is not empty, it carries powerful messages. The number of music lovers who look out for meaningful music has increased considerably which led to the expansion of the music market. According to him, conscious music will reign in Nigeria predominantly.

According to the Afrobeat singer, Nigeria was once dominated by stereotyped music where there was no reason why the song was created and sung. There was no depth in the songs and no clarification could be given why the songs were written and produced. The only reason that could be cited behind such songs was that they could be played at a party, and people can dance to them and enjoy them. It was only preferred by the DJs to play at parties or pubs.

But he strongly believes that the era of empty, baseless music has evaded and been replaced by meaningful songs with definite meaning and messages. Chyzzi says that artists like 2Baba, Wizkid, Burna Boy and many others have propagated conscious music. They have been the forerunner of music that talks about society, instills values and entertainingly teaches morality.

What Chyzzi thinks of himself

When asked to describe himself, he portrayed himself as a conscious artist, whose background, education, environmental and societal awareness along with his experiences have shaped the person who he is and has great influence over his music.

His lyrics are influenced by his everyday experiences which helped him to spread a message to the young generation. He says that he takes inspiration from every environment and situation that he goes through. He implements his everyday experiences in his lyrics which in turn helps him to convey a message in his tunes. He aims to create soulful, sweet music that will inspire the youths. He intends to spread love and consciousness through his music and wishes to empower the listener with motivational verses.

His accomplishments

Chyzzi is a self-made artist who learned by himself how to use various recording software and ended up creating a home studio where he can practice music and ameliorate his art. His first single release named ‘ Paranoid’ created an overwhelming response globally. His current EP is topping the charts and is maintaining the prime position.

According to the award-winning, globally acclaimed artiste, he is destined for stardom and he further stated that his recent performance at an event with Wande Coal received a huge response and massive turnout.

His work, ‘Hymn of a Negro’ has reached over sixty million streams across all platforms. Chyzzi eventually teased the release for his second EP titled “SEXTAPE” which narrates a mushy love story and which is also overwhelmingly accepted by the audience.


Soundcloud :



Miami’s Own DICI Drops New Track

Meet the talented, emerging artist DICI, who is making his mark on the musical landscape in 2022. Already surpassing 2.9 million views on YouTube, this young, South Florida recent high school graduate has his audience captivated with his talent. DICI’s latest hit, “Do What I Can” debuted on all streaming platforms on March 25th, 2022. 

DICI shared with us, “This record is just a chill, relaxing song. It’s about doing what you can, it may not always work out, but you’ve just gotta keep going.” The melodic keys in the background provide an R&B-esque vibe, paired with the gripping vocals, creating a song that is sure to be a summertime hit. 

DICI had spent several months in Japan in 2021 which heavily influenced his style and songwriting skills. “My experience in Japan was game changing. If I had an opportunity to tour with artists over there, millet, Vaundy, LEX and Leon Fanourakis would be on the top of my list. If I was a US tour, Action Bronson, Denzel Curry, Billie Eilish, Fivio Foreigh, Trippie Redd and Russ are my top picks.” 

The rising star graced the pages of The Source Magazine last month with the debut of his last single, “Will You Stay.” His debut EP which dropped in January 2021 was composed of his first five songs. “I put an incredible amount of effort into those records, to make them sound as professional as possible,” he shared. Since that release, he has put out a total of 12 videos and 16 songs over the last 14 months. DICI was originally set to release his second EP, however chose to release singles on a designated timeline instead.

For DICI, the second EP just didn’t make sense. “I would have needed a minimum of 3-4 months to come up with another, third project. That would mean no new music being released for months at a time. No new content equates to no new press. Since I’m coming up, I don’t have the luxury of sitting out for months at a time. As an alternative, by constantly releasing new tracks, I’m allowing myself and my music to continuously be seen and heard, growing my fan base.”

This is a method many indie artists fail to understand when launching their careers in an ever changing environment. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, especially in the last 2 years during the pandemic, young artists need to be more strategic than ever before in order to make a significant presence online. DICI states, “I feel it doesn’t make sense to put out large projects when you are starting out in the industry. Sure, some people might see or hear your work, but if you are only releasing one project a year, by the time they see your next work, your fans could possibly have already forgotten you. This way, if your audience hears you on a monthly basis, you stay fresh in their heads.” 

“305-INTERLUDE,” which is the first song DICI ever wrote, is coincidentally his largest hit to date. He had made the beat on Logic Pro X while sitting on a balcony in the early hours of the morning. DICI had grabbed a HyperX gaming headset and decided to use that to record some vocals to the beat. Now, just a little over a year later, he can write the lyrics to a song without hearing the beat first. He continues to create his records with minimal gear. DICI’s equipment includes a MacBook Pro, UAD Apollo Twin X, KOMPLETE KONTROL S49 and Yamaha HS7s, while recording with a Millennia preamp and TLM-103. The headphones he uses are AKG K701s, Audio Technica M50x, and VMODAS. 

After recording each of his hit songs, DICI transitions his creative mindset to the next step in his process where he develops the magnetic visuals for his music. Having teamed up with AP, Emmy winning Director and Cinematographer, Brian Bayerl through a mutual friend in South Florida. “Brian was the right guy for me to collaborate with for my music videos because of his extensive skill set and background.” DICI believes his fans’ first impression of his imagery is most vital at this stage in his career and his videos are able to provide that congenial first impression last.

The magic created by DICI and Bayerl is working like a charm though, as their videos have garnished hundreds of thousands of views each and close to 3 million views in total. “ From the first few lines of DIC’s first EP , I knew I wanted to collaborate with him. Since then I have really enjoyed watching from through the lens as he bursts onto the urban pop scene. I feel very fortunate to be able to visually capture his talent and artistry and share it with the world.” Bayerl said. DICI, with his strategic, entrepreneurial mindset leans towards video releases coinciding with the audio streaming release in hopes that the video viewing will lead to a streaming play. In alignment with his enterprising spirit, DICI formed Dici Records, LLC. He shared, “Image is everything in this industry, and by having a record label, you automatically look more professional. Another reason is debt. Having an LLC allows me to deduct certain costs, which will help me recoup expenses when I blow up.”

So far, his favorite part of his journey has been watching his own improvement and results of his labor. DICI is kicking 2022 off right by doing live shows and collaborating with people that continue to inspire him to grow with his music. 

Anna Goryacheva Set to Release a New Single Ahead of Her Upcoming Debut Album

Having made significant progress on the music business front despite having a thriving music career, Anna Goryacheva is now set to release a new single as her fans and audiences worldwide anticipate her debut album slated for release on Spotify and other platforms in the coming months.

The about-to-be-released single is an instrumental track composed by Phillip Glass, one of the most influential musicians and composers in the United States and the modern music world, known for his minimalist compositions. Working on the music by Phillip Glass was Anna‘s way of trying something new and different from what her fans are used to. Being the classical pianist that she is, she has created a comfort zone in working with composers from the past like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and more.

In her words, “Now that I’ve performed music of composers from the past and living ones, I have discovered how infinitely flexible the contemporary composers are and how open they are to exploring new paths in music. Once I discovered this work, I was amazed how it slowly escalates and envelopes you, it resonated with me immediately.  This particular piece, Etude No. 9, put me in a hypnotic, meditative mood, which I have never experienced performing traditional ‘classical’ music. Recording this piece was an artistic experiment, and I’m passionate about highlighting the work of Philip Glass. It is such a pleasure to discover and perform modern music and celebrate its beauty.”

Anna Goryacheva‘s journey as a musician began decades ago when she was only six years old. At that young age, she already began to perform and appear publicly, and by the age of nine, she debuted with the orchestra performing Haydn’s Concerto in D major in Hungary. By her tenth birthday, she appeared as a soloist with Kaunas Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Berman on the orchestra’s tour in Eastern Europe. She took performing in front of people as a part of the business and has developed herself to be a powerful performer ever since.

Once her highly anticipated single gets released on April 15th, the debut album will follow, and her listeners will get the chance to listen to works by Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Satie, and more. Announcing herself this way and captivating her audience with her upcoming body of work is a step in the right direction towards cementing her place in the music world and endearing herself to the hearts of music lovers and fans of classical piano music.

Dan Mace At The Top Of His Game With His Most Creative Smash-hit ‘The Bru Show’

Released in 2022, ‘The Bru Show’ by Dan Mace is currently streaming on Discovery+ and has garnered a huge round of applause by the audience and critics a like. In the first episode of the show, Dan attempts to turn a box truck into a giant drivable camera to capture the beauty of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. In the second, he creates the wildest daily vlog you’ve ever seen with a 16mm Cinema film camera. And in the third he makes a film with 100 people from all over the world. The ideas just get crazier and more entertaining from there.

In recent years, Dan’s YouTube channel has grown to over 770,000 subscribers and currently has over 35 million views. Dan is an award-winning filmmaker, YouTuber, and founder of JOE Films. His bio states that over his 10-year career in the industry, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films across four continents.

“I’ve decided to pour every ounce of creativity, combined with a hell of a lot of planning, and develop a twelve-part show. The final chapter, if you will.”, Dan explains in his video ‘The beginning of the end’. 

“In this show, I do everything I’ve always wanted to try. Everything I’ve never had the resources or time to attempt. Everything that’s now been made possible by partnering with discovery+. I really want to go out with a bang”, asserts Dan. His partnership has allowed him to merge the creative freedom of YouTube with the production quality of more commercial media to bring the audience the best of both worlds.

Dan is also challenging the mainstream by releasing each episode of ‘The Bru Show’ on his own YouTube channel just a few weeks after its launch on discovery+, allowing anyone to enjoy the show even if discovery+ isn’t available to them. Big-name YouTube stars like Logan Paul and Casey Neistat – who recently released a documentary on influencer David Dobrik – also appear throughout the episodes.

‘With YouTube I started this thing called a ‘Bru Community’. It’s a term here in South Africa for a like minded friend. […] If I wanted to leave something behind, I would want to leave a community of people that think a certain way. I think creativity is the ability to create long-term conversations with people that stick with them forever, and that helps people to grow and to believe in themselves’, says Dan.

‘The Bru Show’ is actually the third season of Dan Mace’s YouTube series “Not Normal”, which saw him travelling the world to help others complete their ideas. The show ramped up the collaborative relationship between YouTube creators and viewers, really securing a sense of community in his audience.

Dan has also received various accolades for his work including three Young Director Awards at Cannes Lions, an African Cristal Film Grand Prix, Bronze Loerie Awards, Ciclope Africa Editing Craft awards, and Creative Circle ad of the month, amongst others.

DJ Pinto Takes Center Stage With His Dynamic Artistry and Latest Single, M.B.A.P.

The music scene is known to be the home of some of the world’s most brilliant and gifted individuals. More than their talents and skills, the people who have made their marks in their respective fields are armed with the vision and passion for conquering their creative endeavors. Such is the case with Pinto, a must-watch DJ who has been creating significant waves with his musical flair and outstanding work ethic. The visionary has his eyes set on revolutionizing the industry with his powerful beats and dynamic artistry. 

​​Pinto is an up-and-coming DJ, musician, and artist whose primary goal is to connect with his audience and create music that resonates with people from all walks of life. Although he is originally from New Jersey, he eventually moved to South Florida and maintained his residence therein. Heavily determined to take his career to greater heights, the multi-faceted personality has been relentless with his pursuits. With his commitment, resilience, and dynamicity, he is bound to inspire countless aspirants across the globe. 

On a mission to share his music with the world, Pinto has made an impact with his latest single, M.B.A.P., which is currently available on different streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. With two versions—radio edit and extended mix—the song speaks volumes about the emerging artist’s creative prowess and his ability to come up with upbeat melodies and unique sounds. Truly, the rising star is more than ready to dominate the industry and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. 

Widely acknowledged for his incredible knack for creating beautiful beats, Pinto takes pride in his single, M.B.A.P., because it is not only reflective of his talent but is also telling of his remarkable character. As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, the artist has been working day and night to get to where he is today. His good reputation and current success are proof that anything is possible for those who work hard and persevere. More than anything, his diligent efforts have shown how dedicated he is to his career. 

Aside from his unparalleled skills and unmatched talent, Pinto is also acclaimed for his grit and determination. In fact, it was the artist’s tenacious spirit that made him a resident DJ in major clubs in South Florida and had him traveling for shows to get his music to a higher level. In an interview, he talked about some of the things that fuel his passion for music and those that inspire him to do better. 

“Ever since I moved to South Florida, my love for music has grown exponentially and continues to do so to this day. To see crowds going crazy about my music is one of the best feelings I have ever felt,” the DJ revealed. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Pinto uses his creative ingenuity, original grooves, and professional look to make his work stand out. Having released his first song, M.B.A.P., he consistently works on new music by crafting mixes and blends. In this way, he can always bring something new and impressive to his shows. In the coming months and years, the artist hopes to tour the world and work with corporate organizations during events and festivals. 

More Than Music Official, the Latest Addition to the Podcast Space Covering Music and Entertainment

The past two decades have seen society advance further than before with the technological leaps within a few short years of each breakthrough. Since then, the digital world has also immensely evolved with the introduction of social media platforms, media outlets, and streaming platforms. As a result, entertainment and news have also steered away from books, radio, newspapers, televisions, and movies and taken new forms in podcasts. 

Podcasts have been one of the most entertaining platforms in recent years, as it allows the hosts to tackle a number of topics, from industry gossip and guest appearances to current events. Much like the radio, it is an audio broadcasting medium that can be found on several streaming platforms or websites. Recently, ShawnDon joined the podcast space to create a community that can bring people together to talk about various topics.

Like most people, ShawnDon is passionate about the music and entertainment industries and often found podcasts to be one of the most innovative platforms in recent years. He found everything he wanted to learn about the industry, including the newest artists and the latest tracks of established names. ShawnDon started toying around with the idea of creating his own podcast until he eventually came out to put his plans to action, resulting in the birth of More Than Music Official.

“I’ve always had a passion for entertainment and music specifically,” ShawnDon explained. “I wanted to create a platform that would allow me to interact with others that feel the same way, as well as introduce others to some of the things that I love.”

More Than Music Official is a platform that covers a wide range of content focusing on music. Created in February, the platform is currently in its development stages. Still, ShawnDon has clarified that More Than Music will not only be covering the latest releases from everyone’s favorite artists but also shed light on some of the newer names in the game. In addition, despite its focus on music, the platform will also cover other topics, including TV series, movies, food, and current events.

ShawnDon wanted to develop a safe community for all, and his goal with More Than Music is to make it a point not to showcase negativity. “We want to be a place where people can come to laugh, reminisce, and learn,” he elaborated. 

While other podcasts are in it to generate likes and feed egos, More Than Music strives to provide content apt to leave the viewers and listeners feeling good. So when they visit More Than Music’s Instagram or YouTube channel, they will be presented with interesting and engaging content. Although the platform is new to the scene and still getting its bearings, ShawnDon promises that it will continue to grow. Recently, on their YouTube channel, ShawnDon sat down with established artist Project Pat to reflect on his career, his upbringing in Memphis, his impact on the new generation, and how he feels about the current hip-hop scene.

With the future still up in the air, ShawnDon is optimistic about elevating More Than Music to a higher platform. “I’d like to be at the point professionally where entertainers reach out to More Than Music Official for interviews,” he revealed.