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AMG Task Ready to Take on the World with His Music

The hip-hop world has seen its fair share of distinctive artists. And the music world is in for another unique treat as Christopher Patterson, aka AMG Task, gets ready to put his music out there.

The twenty-four-year-old musical artist is a character with a style and flavor, unlike any other. With his wild colored hair, gothic fashion, and highly explosive hip-hop beats, Task is always turning heads wherever he goes. Chris’ roots start in Philadelphia, though he would move to Atlanta, Georgia, with his brother, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother when he was six years old. From a very young age, he’s always loved music. He started out playing the drums at church when he was only eight years old.

To AMG Task, music is his main form of expression. He uses music to convey his deepest feelings and communicate messages to people who wouldn’t understand him, especially at face value. One thing that separates Chris as an artist is that he isn’t out to compete with anyone. “I’m doing what I love and what I feel is best for me,” Task shares. “I can’t compete with a person like me no matter how good or better someone is at something. I’ll always see myself as the first place or number one.”

Apart from his music, Task is an avid entrepreneur. He loves starting business ventures and has gotten good at it. His latest business venture is a clothing brand called Not Friendly. The apparel features a unique clothing line with some of the loudest statements and designs by a musician-started business venture. Not Friendly features everything from T-shirts, tank tops, full tracksuits, men and women’s fitness wear, hoodies, turtlenecks, and even thongs. 

AMG Task has built a solid social media following, especially on Instagram. He is a little bit shy of the 24,000 mark in terms of Instagram followers and still growing until today. His masterful tracks have earned him a solid fan base that readily waits for his next track. On Spotify, the hip-hop artist has also built a significant level of success. He has over 3,800 monthly listens on the streaming platform. On YouTube, Task’s tracks have already reached over 57,000 streams in less than two years.

Task has released a barrage of hard-hitting songs. Some of his top tracks include the songs “Bishop,” “Late Nights,” “Eat Freestyle,” “Gorilla Warfare,” “Whiz,” “Tell You,” and “No Love,” to name a few. In late 2019, AMG Task launched a full album called Stepped On, containing twelve minutes of the writer and performer’s original tracks. AMG Task’s music has pulled in followers from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, and London.

Chris is more than ready to bring his music to the next level. The musician maintains that he has so much more to offer still and that his best music is still ahead of him. He also looks to keep launching new businesses. He’s invested in “Not Friendly Slays,” a new salon with a unique twist in recent days.

AMG Task looks to conquer more stages soon and silence naysayers with his punk hip-hop style and intricate lyrical work. To learn more about Task and listen to his music, follow him on Instagram and Spotify.